About Us

Experienced Family Business

Shawnee Construction LLC is owned by Mike McCurdy. Mike was born and raised in Northern New Jersey and after completing his business degree went to work for an engineering firm where he got his start in the construction industry. Then he moved onto a hands-on local roofing contractor where he learned not only the trade of roofing, siding and windows but also the importance of being thorough and trustworthy. Now with 20 years in the exterior remodeling business Mike is still applying those qualities to his clients at Shawnee Construction.

Helping Others

Our highly skilled and experienced supervisors are present on every job- crawling through attics and climbing onto roofs.  Our belief is that its important to know whats happening with each situation and why its happening.  When those pieces of the puzzle are revealed its much easier to quote for the exact remedy to the client’s problems. The knowledge that we are actually helping someone with their problems is what keeps Shawnee Construction going.

Referrals and Testimonials

Over 80% of the new work coming in to Shawnee Construction is as a result of referrals from previous clients. Their testimonials to their friends and neighbors helps Shawnee Construction to close about 50% of all the jobs they quote – a rate that’s practically unmatched in this industry where there are many companies quoting low-ball prices just to get the work. Like to find out more about Shawnee Construction and how they might be able to help you? Call 973-601-7927 today or complete the contact form here.

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